DOWNLOAD this HDR image from Monaco Princes Palace Place, 13920x6960px, .EXR file.



DOWNLOAD the HDR and backplates used to create this image.

It comes in 3 parts to download: the backplates, the HDRs and a VRED file.

BACKPLATES: 84 high definition jpeg images (36 Mpix) in a zip file (275 Mo)


HDRs : There is 2 HDR images, 15 000 px large, 32bit EXR in a zip file (638 Mo)


BONUS! I have already match all backplates with one viewpoint in a VRED file, you just have to replace the autodesk demo car with your own model, there is a variant set for each backplate. Clic on a Backplate number in the variansets and it will automaticaly switch your backplate and camera position accordingly. To make it work, you need the folder "Backplates_HIGH_DEF_JPEGs" in the same folder as this VRED file. Give me a feedback if you have a few moments and feel free to ask me for a custom shooting. It is a big file (1,13 Go) so it can take some time to download...