Alstom Citadis for Strasbourg

City of Strasbourg is choosing the new tram design thanks to the images I created for Alstom Transport.

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Volvo XC90 Oculus experience in Mondial de l'automobile - Paris october 2014

I was part of this nice project, taking care of the visual 3d model for the new Volvo XC90, during the launch presentation in Sweden and Paris Motorshow this october.

Thanks to Digitas LBI who wanted to create an astonishing presentation using latest technology Oculus Rift DK2, I could join the team they hired for this special project.

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I start a collaboration with vizoo for the 3d material scanning services.

I start a collaboration with vizoo for the 3d material scanning services.

My experience with color and trim designers showed me that the virtual material creation is slowing down the workflow, and is often a pain point when you need to create complete car interiors with hundreds of different fabrics and grains. With xTex, we are able to speed up this job and concentrate in doing the most important thing: be creative.

These days, fabrics in the automotive world become more and more complex, it is not possible to capture the "essence" of the samples with a flatbed scanner or a simple camera, that is why vizoo created xTex, and they did a great job!

We can offer today the creation of VRED materials with your own samples, ask for a request and we send your an offer quickly.

So, if you want to see the results with your own eyes, send us a pack of material samples or ask for a demo in your office, we will be happy to meet you.


New Autodesk VRED 2014

New Autodesk VRED products 2014, more infos at www.pi-vr.de


The importance of configurations in car industry

I added pictures of the 2013 auto show in Brussels, all brands were showing a lot of configurations, sometimes hidden on the side of the stand because of lack of space, sometimes in the center, to show how creative you can be when choosing your car.